github jupyterlab/jupyterlab-git v0.23.0

  • New features ✨ :
    • The extension will refresh the Git status only if the Git panel is visible #811
      This should help further to avoid slow UI reactivity of JupyterLab when dealing with big git repositories.
    • Local branch can now be deleted #816
    • New context menu entry to delete untracked files #815
    • The extension is now fetching from the remotes regularly (in a separate Poll than the status) #812
    • Push and pull icons will now display a badge if the current branch is ahead or behind respectively of the tracked upstream branch
      Moreover those buttons will be disabled if the repository has no remote #812
  • Bug fixes 🐛 :
    • Stop folding files list header on click button #819


Thanks a lot to all contributors:

latest releases: v0.30.0b2, v0.30.0b1.post1, v0.30.0b1...
3 months ago