github jupyterlab/jupyterlab-git v0.22.0

⚠️ The code requires now Python 3.6 or more

  • New features ✨
    • Python code formatted with black #763
    • Items list (like file, branches or tags) are now virtualized #767 - this allows to keep working even with folder containing thousands of modifications.
    • SVG icons everywhere #783
    • Tags are displayed in a similar way as the branches #788
    • If a branch is named main, it will be moved at the beginning of the branch list in the new branch dialog.
  • Bug fixes 🐛
    • Fix test diff for border commits (first one, deletion,...) #766
    • Restore R icon #722

This release focused mainly on refactoring the frontend code and on making the user experience more homogeneous.

Thanks a lot to all contributors:
@ianhi @krassowski @telamonian

latest releases: v0.30.0b2, v0.30.0b1.post1, v0.30.0b1...
4 months ago