github jupyterlab/jupyterlab-git v0.11.0

  • New features ✨
    • Ignore file through context menu #705 #751
    • Add UI to display task progression in status bar and as pop-up #630
    • Update opened files when Git commands modify them (like revert)
    • Guess default push branch #721
    • Add custom actions after initializing a folder as a git repository; e.g. to set up a tool like nbstripout. #700
    • Add dialog to checkout a specific tag #713
    • Git Menu clean up #699
  • Bug fixes 🐛
    • Fix push branches with /
    • Show both staged and unstaged entry for partial staged file #629
    • Fix race condition on slow FS #564
    • Improve error dialog message #619
    • Improve panel for non-git folder
    • Report version incompatibility

And other small fixes and improvements.

Thanks a lot to all contributors:
@echarles @chrisjohn2306 @echarles @ianhi @kgryte @mlucool @kgryte

latest releases: v0.30.0b2, v0.30.0b1.post1, v0.30.0b1...
6 months ago