github junegunn/fzf 0.41.0

latest release: 0.41.1
12 days ago
  • Added color name preview-border and preview-scrollbar

  • Added new border style block which uses block elements

  • --scrollbar can take two characters, one for the main window, the other
    for the preview window

  • Putting it altogether:

    fzf-tmux -p 80% --padding 1,2 --preview 'bat --style=plain --color=always {}' \
        --color 'bg:237,bg+:235,gutter:237,border:238,scrollbar:236' \
        --color 'preview-bg:235,preview-border:236,preview-scrollbar:234' \
        --preview-window 'border-block' --border block --scrollbar '▌▐'
  • Bug fixes and improvements

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