github json-iterator/go v1.1.10
bug fix

  • Fix #459 map keys of custom types should serialize using MarshalText when available
  • Fix potential panic in (*stringAny).ToInt64 and (*stringAny).ToUint64(see #450)
  • Fix #449 do NOT marshal the field whose name start with underscore
  • Reuse stream buffer and remove flush in (*Stream).WriteMore(see #441 #440)
  • Fix #421 simplify the error string returned by the decoder when it meets error unmarshaling anonymous structs
  • Fix #389 #411 do NOT marshal the json.RawMessage type field whose real type is integer/float as "null" with ValidateJsonRawMessage option enabled
  • Fix #326 do Not marshal private field after calling extra.SetNamingStrategy() to register naming strategy extension
7 months ago