github jslint-org/jslint v2023.5.23
v2023.5.23 - Add grammar for regexp-named-capture-group, regexp-named-backreference, side-effect-import, export-async.

3 days ago
  • jslint - Check exported properties are ordered.
  • jslint - Add grammar for "export async function ...".
  • python - Add shell-function shLintPython().
  • jslint - Add grammar for regexp-named-capture-group and regexp-named-backreference.
  • jslint - Add grammar for side-effect import-statement.
  • ci - Rename shell-function shRawLibFetch() to shRollupFetch().
  • doc - document devop procedures to maintain jslint-repo

What's Changed

Full Changelog: v2023.4.29...v2023.5.23

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