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v4.0 (2023-05-20)

Full Changelog



Implemented enhancements:

  • Add message with config location and docs location when installation is complete #1695 (micahellison)
  • Prompt to include colors in config when first running jrnl #1687 (micahellison)
  • Add ability to use template with --template #1667 (alichtman)
  • Search for entries with no tags or stars with -not -starred and -not -tagged #1663 (cjcon90)
  • Refactor flow for easier access to some files (avoid things like jrnl.Journal.Journal and jrnl.jrnl co-existing) #1662 (wren)
  • Add more type hints #1642 (outa)
  • Add rich handler to debug logging #1627 (wren)
  • Rework Encryption to enable future support of other encryption methods #1602 (wren)

Fixed bugs:

  • Only read text files that look like entries when opening folder journal #1697 (micahellison)
  • Save empty journal on install instead of just creating a zero-length file #1690 (micahellison)
  • Allow combinations of --change-time, --delete, and --edit while correctly counting the number of entries affected #1669 (wren)
  • Don't save templated journal entries if the received raw text is the same as the template itself #1653 (Briscoooe)
  • Add tag to XML file when edited DayOne entry and is searchable afterward #1648 (jonakeys)
  • Update version key in config file after version changes #1646 (jonakeys)


  • Update copyright notices for 2023 #1660 (wren)
  • Fix bug where changelog is always slightly out of date on release tags #1631 (wren)
  • Add simplify plugin to linting checks #1630 (wren)
  • Add type hints #1614 (outa)



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