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17 days ago


  • sniff: add --no-infer option only available on Linux. Using this option makes sniff work as a general mime type detector - retrieving detected mime type, file size (content-length when sniffing a URL), and last modified date.
    When sniffing a URL with --no-infer, it only sniffs the first downloaded chunk, making it very fast even for very large remote files. This option was designed to facilitate accelerated harvesting and broken/stale link checking on CKAN. #987
  • excel: add canonical_filename to metadata #985
  • snappy: now accepts url input #986
  • sample: support url input #989


  • Bump qsv-sniffer from 0.9.2 to 0.9.3 by @dependabot in #979
  • Bump console from 0.15.5 to 0.15.6 by @dependabot in #980
  • Bump jql-runner from 6.0.7 to 6.0.8 by @dependabot in #981
  • Bump console from 0.15.6 to 0.15.7 by @dependabot in #988
  • Bump embedded Luau from 0.576 to 0.577
  • apply select clippy recommendations
  • tweaked emojis used in Available Commands legend - 🗜️ to 🤯 to denote memory-intensive commands that load the entire CSV into memory; 🪗 to 😣 to denote commands that need addl memory proportional to the cardinality of the columns being processed; 🌐 to denote commands that have web-aware options
  • cargo update bump several indirect dependencies
  • pin Rust nightly to 2021-05-21


Full Changelog: 0.103.1...0.104.0

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