github jpylypiw/easywall v0.2.4
v0.2.4 - First Run Wizard


  • Security headers of the demo page are checked for correctness and actuality.
  • Information about what to do after the installation of easywall to adjust the access data.
  • Class documentation automatically generated and added to the dosc folder
  • If no user name and password is set in the configuration file, the First Run Wizard is automatically displayed in the web interface
  • After saving the options in the web interface, the tab you saved will be displayed.
  • Login attempts and the lockout time for too many failed logins can now be configured under "Web Interface".
  • bindip and bindport option with the info that these are debug variables


  • The bindip and bindport options have been replaced by the UWSGI start parameters
  • Error messages when saving the options are now displayed correctly
  • Fixed several errors when starting the web interface in debug mode
19 days ago