github jpylypiw/easywall v0.2.1
v0.2.1 - Easier to install


  • easywall is now also available as installable Debian package
  • easywall is now also available on pypi and can be installed over it
  • Massive improvement of GitHub workflows
  • Improve automated testing through GitHub workflows
  • There is now an FAQ documentation, which will be filled with time
  • The web server now sends headers to harden the application such as no permission for frames
  • 403 Error page added and web errors generally improved
  • The web configuration is now also checked for missing entries
  • flask-ipban dependency added
  • pypi package information improved and completed
  • Unit Tests significantly improved and the tools for Core and Web Tests combined


  • After 10 incorrect login attempts on the web interface by default, the attacker address is blocked
  • The log settings were moved to a separate configuration file "log.ini" in the "config" folder
  • The SSL settings were hardened - only current browsers can be used
  • The easywall_web folder was moved to the easywall folder as "easywall/web
latest releases: v0.2.4, v0.2.3, v0.2.2...
28 days ago