github jpylypiw/easywall v0.0.3


  • added easywall-Web using flask
  • added old php templates to web
  • improved install script a lot and added so many features to it
  • simplified code using codacy and code climate
  • ICMP Support added after testing on a server of mine
  • added a daemon script for running easywall-Web
  • 404 error page added to web
  • for a production use of easywall-Web I added uwsgi instead of the small development server of flask
  • logout button added to web
  • added a password generator script and added it to install script


  • improved exception handling in several files
  • the .running file was not deleted properly
  • moved the system os.system to a single function where security checks can be implemented in the future
latest releases: v0.3.0, v0.2.4, v0.2.3...
7 months ago