github johnsusek/praeco v0.3.7
Beta 7 - "Naissus"

latest releases: 1.8.11, 1.8.10, 1.8.9...
pre-release3 years ago

See for update instructions.

  • You no longer need to enter notification settings to test a rule
  • Default to "Any" rule type
  • Hide suggestion to use count query when using 'any' match
  • Change styling of preview sidebar
  • Fix issue with grouping when using 'any' rule
  • Fix issue with validation of "IS" section when switching between rule types
  • Fix issue setting autocomplete for grouped over rules
  • Fix issue with selecting autocomplete item from field list when composing subject/body
  • Fix issue with autocomplete list getting cut off when composing subject/body
  • Fix issue pasting rich text into subject/body

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