github johnsusek/praeco 0.3.0
Beta 1 - "Florentia"

latest releases: 1.8.11, 1.8.10, 1.8.9...
pre-release3 years ago

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Praeco is now a beta! 🎉 Thanks to the community and internal use, praeco has moved past the alpha prototype stage.

  • Add aggregation feature for sending scheduled reports of alerts
  • Add ability to send actual alerts when testing
  • Make sidebar resizable
  • Show list of rules/templates in folder when viewing a folder
  • Add an 'Add rule' button when viewing a subfolder
  • Disable alerts on duplication
  • Allow for comparison field to be an array in 'field changes' mode
  • Fix regression with folder paths
  • Fix issue where "UNFILTERED" didn't display
  • Fix: body preview with aggregation has incorrect order
  • Show message if rule/template not found

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