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23 days ago

Added extra options

  • Encrypted and plaintext backup / restore.
  • Removed apk expire.
  • Import unencrypted WhatsApp database.
  • Choose between passphrase protection and the Android screenlock.
  • Choice for the backup location: for Android 4 - 10, internal or removable storage; for Android 11+ any directory can be chosen.
  • Set the maptype in the place picker.
  • Option to treat view-once media as normal media.
  • Option to ignore remote deletion.
  • Choose between FCM or websocket notification delivery.
  • Option to delete only the media from a message, not the rest of the message.
  • Removed forward limit.
  • Enabled internal preferences. Use at your own risk.
  • Added options to select who can add you to a group.

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