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PicMo 5.5.0

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16 months ago

** Note: This release has a few issues with the UMD and dependency bundling, it should be avoided; use 5.5.1 or newer instead.

  • Major CSS refactoring that will allow for easier style overrides when needed. Class names are no longer scoped with random prefixes for easier customization.
  • [picmo] Added a new auto autofocus option that will choose a target based on available elements.
  • [picmo] Added a global configuration store with an injectStyles option to control automatic CSS injection.
  • [picmo] Fixed invalid scrollbar CSS properties.
  • [@picmo/popup-picker] Added type="button" to the popup close button to prevent accidental form submission.
  • [@picmo/popup-picker] Focus is returned to the trigger when closing only when pressing Escape or selecting an emoji

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