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PicMo 5.0.0

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18 months ago

First PicMo release (previously Emoji Button).

  • @joeattardi/emoji-button package split into three packages:
    • picmo - The main emoji picker package, can be used to create inline emoji pickers.
    • @picmo/popup-picker - The popup picker package, can be used to create popup emoji pickers. Requires picmo as a peer dependency.
    • @picmo/renderer-twemoji - The Twemoji renderer. Requires picmo as a peer dependency.
  • All packages now include UMD builds.


  • Emoji data is stored in an IndexedDB database locally.
  • data:ready event signals when the database is initialized and ready to use.
  • New rendering architecture adds support for implementing additional emoji renderers.
  • Basic support for auto-detecting the available emoji version (the default behavior). A specific emoji version can still be passed in the picker options.
  • Added data management functions:
    • createDatabase: Creates an emoji database ahead of time. This is not required as the picker will initialize the database if one doesn't exist.
    • deleteDatabase: Deletes an emoji database
    • deleteRecents: Deletes the recent emojis from local storage
    • Emojis can be searched via tags. An emoji's tags are also shown in the preview area.
  • Popup pickers now have a close button as well.
  • Events for when the picker is opened (picker:open) and closed (picker:close).

Picker options

  • New option: className for applying custom theme styling.
  • New option: initialEmoji for initial emoji selection.
  • New option: locale for emoji data locale.
  • New option: messages for emojibase-data message data.
  • New option: renderer for specifying emoji renderer

Popup options

  • New option: hideOnClickOutside to control whether or not the picker should close when clicking outside of it.
  • New option: hideOnEscape to control whether or not the picker should close when pressing the escape key.
  • New option: showCloseButton to control whether or not the close button should be shown.
  • New option: triggerElement to denote the element that should trigger the popup.


  • The main picmo package only creates inline pickers. Popup pickers are created with createPopup from the @picmo/popup-picker package instead of createPicker from the main package. This function accepts the same options as the main package for the picker itself, and accepts an additional object with popup specific options.
  • Emoji data is no longer bundled with the package. It can be supplied within the bundle
    from the emoji-data npm package or can be downloaded from a CDN at runtime.
  • Popup code and Popper.js dependency separated into @picmo/popup-picker package.
  • Twemoji code separated into @picmo/twemoji package.
  • emoji event changed to emoji:select.
    • Emitted data has the properties { data, emoji, hexcode, url, label }.
  • hidden event changed to to emoji:hide in @picmo/popup-picker.
  • Twemoji options changed to only specify the desired image type: svg (the default) or png.
  • Event listeners are now added to pickers via .addEventListener instead of .on.

Picker options

  • showAnimation changed to animate.
  • custom format changed.
    • Previous: { name, emoji }
    • New: { data, emoji, label, tags, url }
  • emojiVersion is now a number or the string auth for automatic detection.
  • recentsCount changed to maxRecents.
  • showCategoryButtons changed to showCategoryTabs.
  • rows changed to visibleRows.

Popup options

  • autoHide changed to hideOnEmojiSelect.


  • Plugins have temporarily been removed pending a larger redesign of the plugin system.

Picker options

  • icons removed.
  • plugins removed.
  • twemojiOptions removed (now controlled by @picmo/renderer-twemoji package).
  • styleOptions removed (now controlled by CSS variables in CSS class specified by the className option).
  • Fuzzy search was removed.

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