github joeattardi/picmo v4.1.0

latest releases: v5.8.5, v5.8.4, v5.8.3...
3 years ago

New features

  • Added hidden event that is emitted when the picker is hidden (thanks @jmlee2k)
  • Added the ability to switch themes after constructing the picker (thanks @jmlee2k)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed error when hiding picker after showing in mobile mode (thanks @jmlee2k)
  • Fixed wrong category being highlighted when the picker is first shown in some browsers (#93)
  • Fixed picker not hiding immediately when animations are disabled in some browsers (#92)
  • Fixed focus stealing when hiding picker in some browsers (#91)
  • Fixed picker alternating position over/under target (#90)
  • Fixed jumping scroll position on some browsers (#87)

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