github jmoenig/Snap v6.2.0

  • New Features:
    • show message senders and receivers from the blocks context menu
    • "export block definition" including dependencies
    • hyperized "distance/direction to _" reporter primitive
    • new "Database" library operating on localstore
  • Notable Changes:
    • swapped version number and "Build Your Own Blocks" in page title
  • Notable Fixes:
    • changing the type of a custom block from reporter to command in the block editor changes the prototype instead of adding another one
    • deleting project notes in the "save" dialog now also deletes them in the saved project
    • items in list-boxes such as the project list are no longer auto-translated
    • fixed a redo issue
    • fixed a rare race condition when loading projects
  • Translation Updates:
    • Catalan, thanks, Joan!
    • Norwegian, thanks, Olav!
    • German
latest releases: v6.9.0, v6.8.1, v6.8.0...
10 months ago