github jmoenig/Snap v5.4.0


  • New Features:
    • log pen vectors
    • export pen trails as SVG
    • access pen trails as SVG_Costume: new "pen vectors" reporter variant of "pen trails"
    • new Snap! API: broadcast and react to messages, access global variables from outside Snap!
  • Notable Change:
    • when creating a costume from pen trails (raster or vector) make its rotation center the position of the sprite
  • Notable Fixes:
    • support null-serialization in list-csv conversions
    • avoid circular inheritance when using blocks to set sprites' parents
  • Translation Updates:
    • NEW Slovak translation, thanks, Peter Lukacovic
    • German
latest releases: v6.9.0, v6.8.1, v6.8.0...
19 months ago