github jmoenig/Snap v5.1.0

  • New Features:
    • new "paste on" block in the pen category, prints a sprite onto another one
    • new "r-g-b-a" option in "(aspect) AT (location)" sensing reporter, returns a 4-item list of values from 0-255 (same as pixels from a costume)
    • "temporary?" attribute is now programmatically settable (in the SET->my... block)
  • Notable Changes:
    • generated costumes that are not in the wardrobe are now made persistent in the project (saved & restored)
  • Notable Fixes:
    • fixed tainted audio context for auto-playing projects when the user interacts, thanks, Bernat!
    • saved clones no longer forget if they inherit the "costume #" attribute
  • Translation Updates:
    • German
    • Galician, thanks, Miguel!
latest releases: v6.9.0, v6.8.1, v6.8.0...
24 months ago