github jmoenig/Snap v4.0.3

  • fixed occasional horizontal rendering artifacts in block “holes”
    (C-shaped slots and Ring holes)
  • improved user editing of input slots and fixed cursor behavior (note:
    the text cursor inside input slots also blinks again, as it should have)
  • always export comments attached to prototype hat blocks in the block
    editor along with script pic
  • when first opening a block editor on a custom block definition make
    it big enough to show everything (as much as fits on the screen)
  • remember block editor position and dimensions for each edited custom
    block definition when acknowledging (pressing OK or APPLY) for the
  • speed up stacking of commands and loading of projects by suppressing
    redundant block redraws
  • introducing a “grab threshold” preference to suppress accidental
    grabbing through micro-movements of the hand. This addresses the
    “cannot-click-on-drop-downs-in-Chrome-under-Windows” set of bug
    reports, and also the issues that arise out of accidentally dragging
    off a copy of a parameter blob when trying to just click on it to
    rename it
  • new hidden (shift-click) option to adjust the grab threshold in the
    settings menu for the current session
  • expand list watchers inside result bubbles and speech/thought
    balloons to show everything (as much of the list’s first level as fist
    into either the scripting area for result bubbles or the stage for
    speech balloons - note resizing the stage affects the size of the list
    watchers inside speech balloons, i.e. making the stage bigger increases
    the number of visible elements even while the balloon is showing)
  • fixed a bug that make an occasional gray rectangle appear at the
    mouse pointer
  • added a way to invoke blocks synchronously in JavaScript - under
    construction (possibly to be used for generic “When” hat blocks and
    user-customizable drop-downs)
  • added methods to cache morphs’ fullImage and fullBounds while dragging
  • Reporters (also nested reporters) and sprite icons (in the corral)
    are now semi-transparent when being dragged, so you can see possible
    drop target halos /through/ them
  • in “prefer empty slot drops” mode (default) it is now much harder to
    drop reporters onto non-static C-slots inside custom blocks (e.g. in
    FOR loops) and onto variadic input arrowheads (to replace the whole
    input with an input list)
  • ScriptsMorphs are now noticing transparent clicks (addresses #997)
  • %interaction slots are now static, fixed #982 (it is no longer
    possible to drop reporters into the input slot of a “When I am…” hat
    block (never was intended that it should be possible)
  • fixed ctrl-f for the block editor in all situations (thanks, Brian,
    for the bug report)
  • new Bulgarian and Romanian translations contributed!
  • fix for IE backspace and tab errors contributed!
  • better resource loading mechanism contributed!
latest releases: v6.9.0, v6.8.1, v6.8.0...
5 years ago