github jmoenig/Snap v4.0.2


  • optimizes performance of the Morphic framework, thanks to @nathan's brilliant engineering
  • introduces prototypal inheritance at the level of sprite-local variables
  • supports editing block scripts using only the keyboard:

enable "Keyboard Editing" in the settings menu, then

  • shift + click on a scripting pane's background
  • shift + click on any block
  • shift + enter in the IDE's edit mode

stop editing:

  • left-click on scripting pane's background
  • esc

navigate among scripts:

  • tab: next script
  • backtab (shift + tab): last script

start editing a new script:

  • shift + enter

navigate among commands within a script:

  • down arrow: next command
  • up arrow: last command

navigate among all elements within a script:

  • right arrow: next element (block or input)
  • left arrow: last element

move the currently edited script (stack of blocks):

  • shift + arrow keys (left, right, up, down)

editing scripts:

  • backspace:
    • delete currently focused reporter
    • delete command above current insertion mark (blinking)
    • collapse currently focused variadic input by one element
  • enter:
    • edit currently focused input slot
    • expand currently focused variadic input by one element
  • space:
    • activate currently focused input slot's pull-down menu, if any
    • show a menu of reachable variables for the focused input or reporter
  • any other key:
    start searching for insertable matching blocks
  • in menus triggered by this feature:
    • navigate with up / down arrow keys
    • trigger selection with enter
    • cancel menu with esc
  • in the search bar triggered b this feature:
    • keep typing / deleting to narrow and update matches
    • navigate among shown matches with up / down arrow keys
    • insert selected match at the focus' position with enter
    • cancel searching and inserting with esc

running the currently edited script:

  \* shift+ctrl+enter simulates clicking the edited script with the mouse
latest releases: v6.9.0, v6.8.1, v6.8.0...
5 years ago