github jmoenig/Snap 4.2

not-so-minor release featuring among other things new media and data crunching capabilities.

New Features:

  • "recover project" feature, (cloud backups), thanks, Bernat Romagosa!
  • vector paint editor, thanks, Carles Paredes and Bernat Romagosa!
  • "When I am stopped" event option, runs one atomic frame before terminating, use-case: stop robots when a user hits the stop button
  • experimental JIT compiler for atomic HOFs, used in new "Bigger Data" library
  • new library for programmatically creating variables, thanks, Brian Harvey!
  • added options for sprite attributes to the SET block
  • new "webcam snap" reporter in the "Pixels" library
  • new "record" reporter in the "Audio Comp" library
  • added "name" selector to the "Pixels" library
  • added drop-down menu to "letter _ of _ ", adjusted all translations (thanks, Joan!)

Notable Changes:

  • hidden sprites can no longer be collision detected (but can test for other sprites)
  • new sprites created by pressing the arrow button no point in random directions (unless you hold down the shift-key)
  • new "center" option for location blocks (GO TO, POINT TOWARDS, DISTANCE TO and DIRECTION TO)
  • disabled keyboard shortcuts for green-flag (cmd-enter) and stop (esc) in presentation mode

Notable Fixes:

  • rearranging and scrolling sound icons
  • rendering and layout of variadic C-shaped input slots
  • when collapsing ring-typed multi-arg slots only filled rings are preserved
  • support for numerical custom block input names
  • no more "leftover" clones when pressing the stop button or executing the STOP block

Translation Updates:

  • German, thanks, Jadga!
  • Portuguese, thanks, Manuel!
  • Catalan, thanks, Joan!
latest releases: v6.9.0, v6.8.1, v6.8.0...
3 years ago