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Major Release


  • polymorphic sprite-local custom blocks
  • inheritance of sprite-local custom blocks
  • inheritance of sprite attributes (x, y, direction, size, costumes, costume #, sounds, scripts)
  • first-class costumes and sounds
  • visual indicator (map-pin icon) for sprite-local custom blocks (i.e. methods)
  • camera snapshots for costumes and new sprites
  • localization support when typing expressions
  • support for user-forced line-breaks in custom block labels
  • ternary Boolean slot setting: support to limit Boolean input slots to “true/false” outside of rings and in palette
  • support for default values in custom block Boolean slots
  • experimental: duplicate block definition (hidden in shift-click context menu)
  • support for codification of String, Number and Boolean value types
  • costume icons indicate svg costumes
  • sprites’s rotation centers can be adjusted onstage
  • clones share their original sprite’s scripts, not a shallow-copy of them
  • a highlight-colored balloon indicates the number of active processes per shared script
  • new musical “notes”, "location", "footprints", "cross" and "keyboard" symbols
  • new “visible stepping” toggle button in the control bar
  • new "keyboard entry" toggle button in the scripts tool bar
  • turn on the “Inheritance support” setting per default
  • Assert data types to list operations for more meaningful error messages
  • programmatically hide and show primitives in the palette
  • new "pen trails" reporter primitive and stage context menu entry
  • two-item lists as x-y coordinate arguments for "point towards”, "go to" and “distance to” primitives
  • Piano keyboard as drop-down menu for entering musical notes, Thanks, Michael!
  • Basic “instruments” support: sine, square, sawtooth and triangle waves
  • Support https in “url” reporter
  • splitting csv-text
  • prevent context menu and dragging for stage watchers in presentation mode
  • "floating" search and make-a-block buttons in the blocks palette
  • "Make a block" button in every category
  • experimental "download script" feature
  • new "Animation" library
  • new "Pixels" library for MediaComp
  • double-clicking a corral sprite icon flashes the sprite onstage


  • changed keyboard shortcut indicator for “find blocks” to “^”
  • prevent Snap from “hanging” when encountering certain errors in visible stepping
  • only mark implicit parameters if no formal ones exist
  • optimized thread-launch and script highlighting to a single frame instead of formerly two
  • changed direction attribute of sprites to automatically confine to 0-360 degrees
  • fixed rotation-bug when flipping costumes in "only turn left/right" mode"
  • fixed variable renaming (“refactoring”) bugs, thanks, Bernat!
  • fixed “fill” block crash when applying the same color twice
  • fixed occasional empty drop-down menu items named “close”
  • fixed some typos
  • limited sprites' direction and coordinates to finite numbers
  • made block vars transient for block libraries
  • keep “undo” and “redo” buttons at the same location
  • fixed SVG encoding for exporting vector costumes
latest releases: v6.9.0, v6.8.1, v6.8.0...
3 years ago