github jmoenig/Snap 4.0.7
May 2, 2016

in depth release notes / documentation attached as pdf below

  • first class sprites, new MY reporter block and extended functionality of TOUCHING
  • fixed switching from list watcher to table view inside sprite speech bubbles
  • fixed paint editor automatic rotation center issue
  • enhanced functionality to SET a sprite’s attributes
  • execute clone initialization scripts’ first step in the same frame as the clone command
  • auto-repair (sorta) certain broken project files
  • Threads: More aggressive emergency yielding
  • “corpsify” deleted sprites, which might still be referred to by variables and lists
  • Blocks: simplify block copying
  • experimental hidden “live-coding support” preference
  • updated penTrails library to shrinkWrap generated costumes

demos from the documentation:

  • new Indonesian translation. Yay!! Thank you, Alexander Liu!!
  • Translation updates: Slovenian, Portuguese, Chinese
  • minor bug fixes
latest releases: v6.9.0, v6.8.1, v6.8.0...
5 years ago