github jmoenig/Snap 4.0.4

  • Use Blob API to Save Files (to Disk), Thanks, Michael!!
  • Show result bubble when the user clicks on a command script that uses REPORT (You can now click on REPORT and it actually does something)
  • New generic “When” hat block, enhances red stop button behavior
  • New block (instance) variables feature (experimental)
  • evaluator performance optimizations
  • Morphic grab-threshold fix for scroll frames
  • fixed several block rendering glitches
  • List category LENGTH reporter now also works on text
  • Changed “any” to “random” (in English only)
  • new FILL primitive in the Pen category
  • switched to animation frame scheduling, please use TURBO for music
  • Updated German translation
  • Cloud: 10 MB cloud upload limit for media per project
  • Objects, Paint: Automatic Sprite Center Detection, Thanks, Craxic!!
  • Morphic: Handling of diacritics, [Alt] + key in input fields (Windows), Thanks, DaDoro!!
  • NL translation update
latest releases: v6.9.0, v6.8.1, v6.8.0...
5 years ago