github jleyva/moodle-block_configurablereports 3.9.0

2 years ago
  • Starting this version for allowing SQL queries performing data insertion/creation the following configuration variable set to 1
    is required in your site root /config.php:
    $CFG->block_configurable_reports_enable_sql_execution = 1;
    Otherwise, previous Custom SQL reports performing data insertion/creation will stop working.
  • Added matching colors to pie charts
  • Added unmapped palette for general colors to pie charts
  • Changed fuserfield to allow for multiple instances of the filter
  • Added alphabetical sort to courses filter
  • Added webservice to get reports data
  • Added new filters for competencies
  • Other fixes and improvements:
    • Fix offset error for bar graphs when not using SQL reporting
    • Removed default sorting from DataTables JS UI
    • Fixed issue where colors would mismatch if values weren't present
    • Fixed STARTTIME and ENDTIME variable substitution
    • Avoid text filtering when exporting

Thanks Alex Rowe, David Saylor, Michael Gardener, Muhammad Osama Arshad, Daniel Poggenpohl, Daniel Neis, François Parlant and all the contributors who have sent several fixes and improvements.

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