github jleyva/moodle-block_configurablereports 3.3.0

latest release: 3.9.0
3 years ago
  • Order the list of users in users filter by fullname considering language - #130
  • Add a new calculation type: percentage
  • Allow userfields to be used more than once in the permissions
  • Move JS to AMD modules
  • Upgrade some 3rd party JS libraries
  • Fix import from XML
  • Review the year filter to take min and max years from the calendar factory
  • Other fixes and improvements:
    • Fix template array error - #132
    • Fix DB mismatch between install.xml and upgrade.php - #123
    • Fix LIMIT error for MSSQL - CONTRIB-7891
    • Remove "_" from the table header titles - #137
    • Review supported Moodle versions, because the core_userlist_provider interface is only supported from 3.4 onwards - #125
    • Fix error when using templates
    • Fix error when using the Start/End filter
    • Fix legacy_polyfill error when running unit tests
    • Display custom title for the block
    • Replace deprecated methods (htmleditor, pix_url and coursecat)
    • Remove CSS files not found error in JS console
    • Show breadcrumbs for users without manage report capability
    • Fix DB query function call for the enrolled students filter
    • Raise the memory limit when exporting
    • Clean some request parameters before using them
    • Fix error with user field search box filter
    • Improve compatibility with PostgreSQL when importing

Thanks Mike McDougal (mcdoogs), Tuan Ngoc Nguyen (tuanngocnguyen), Mike Henry (mhenry79mnet), safatshahinsd, kristian-94, David (davidpesce), Dimitrii (dmitriim), Alex (agrowe), Donald (emyb2), sopnep15, Danniel (dannielarriola) and all the contributors who have sent several fixes and improvements.
And special thanks also to Carlos, Sander, Moodle HQ and Juan for letting Sara work on this again during the project week.

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