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Version 1.9.2

latest releases: v4.1.0, v4.0.1, v3.7.0...
4 years ago

Features and Improvements

  • Switched to tqdm for progress bar (clint is no longer maintained).
  • Added Item.identifier_available() method for calling check_identifier.php.
  • Added support for opening details page in default browser after upload.
  • Added support for using item or identifier as column header in spreadsheet mode.
  • Added ArchiveSession.get_my_catalog() method for retrieving running/queued tasks.
  • Removed backports.csv requirement for newer Python releases.
  • Authorization header is now used for metadata reads, to support privileged access to /metadata.
  • ia download no longer downloads history dir by default.
  • Added ignore_history_dir to The default is False.


  • Fixed bug in ia copy and ia move where filenames weren't being encoded/quoted correctly.
  • Fixed bug in Item.get_all_item_tasks() where all calls would fail unless a dict was provided to params.
  • Read from ~/.config/ia.ini with fallback to ~/.ia regardless of the existence of ~/.config
  • Fixed S3 overload message always mentioning the total maximum number of retries, not the remaining ones.
  • Fixed bug where a KeyError exception would be raised on most calls to dark items.
  • Fixed bug where md5 was being calculated for every upload.

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