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Version 1.6.0

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6 years ago

Features and Improvements

  • Added 60 second timeout to all upload requests.
  • Added support for uploading empty files.
  • Refactored Item.get_files() to be faster, especially for items with many files.
  • Updated search to use IA-S3 keys for auth instead of cookies.


  • Fixed bug in upload where derives weren't being queued in some cases where checksum=True was set.
  • Fixed bug where ia tasks and other Catalog functions were always using HTTP even when it should have been HTTPS.
  • ia metadata was exiting with a non-zero status for "no changes to xml" errors.
    This now exits with 0, as nearly every time this happens it should not be considered an "error".
  • Added unicode support to ia upload --spreadsheet and ia metadata --spreadsheet using the backports.csv module.
  • Fixed bug in ia upload --spreadsheet where some metadata was accidentally being copied from previous rows
    (e.g. when multiple subjects were used).
  • Submitter wasn't being added to ia tasks --json ouptut, it now is.
  • row_type in ia tasks --json was returning integer for row-type rather than name (e.g. 'red').

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