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Version 1.4.0

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7 years ago

Features and Improvements

  • Added ia copy and ia move for copying and moving files in items.
  • Added support for outputing JSON in ia tasks.
  • Added support to ia download to write to stdout instead of file.


  • Fixed bug in upload where AttributeError was rasied when trying to upload file-like objects without a name attribute.
  • Removed identifier validation from ia delete.
    If an identifier already exists, we don't need to validate it.
    This only makes things annoying if an identifier exists but fails internetarchive id validation.
  • Fixed bug where error message isn't returned in ia upload if the response body is not XML.
    Ideally IA-S3 would always return XML, but that's not the case as of now.
    Try to dump the HTML in the S3 response if unable to parse XML.
  • Fixed bug where ArchiveSession headers weren't being sent in prepared requests.
  • Fixed bug in ia upload --size-hint where value was an integer, but requests requries it to be a string.
  • Added support for downloading files to stdout in ia download and

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