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(PREVIEW) version 20.1.0 nightly 2778

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Prerelease WARNING

This is prerelease nightly version. It should NOT be considered as stable.


Name File OS
Installer (Windows) Installer (Windows) ffdec_20.1.0_nightly2778_setup.exe Works on Windows
ZIP (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) ZIP (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) Works on WindowsWorks on LinuxWorks with Mac OSX
DEB package (Linux) DEB package (Linux) ffdec_20.1.0_nightly2778.deb Works on Linux
Mac OS X Installer (pkg) Mac OS X Installer (pkg) ffdec_20.1.0_nightly2778.pkg Works with Mac OSX
Mac OS X Application (zipped) Mac OS X Application (zipped) Works with Mac OSX
Library only (Java SE) - Zipped Library only (Java SE) - Zipped Works on java

What's new since last stable version:


  • StartSound and StartSound2 show characterId/class in the tag tree
  • Folder preview for sounds
  • #2176 Ignoring letter spacing on text search (only applies to global search, not to search inside text)
  • #2179 Collapse all option for tree items
  • #2185 16bit MochiCrypt packer support
  • Windows commandline executable
  • New organized commandline help
  • Ansi colors in commandline help
  • Linux ffdec script without extension


  • Debugger - getting children of top level variables
  • #2149 FLA Export - compressed sound streams in some cases
  • #2172 Wrong year in error log window (week year)
  • #2174 Removing frames, removing also FrameLabels, StartSounds, SoundStreamBlocks, DoAction
  • Folder preview - GFX image identifiers not shown
  • Hide zooming buttons in fonts display
  • #2174 Ignoring PlaceObjects with flagMove on empty depth
  • #2175 Removing DefineButtonSound, warning about incorrect sound character type in FLA export
  • #2175 FLA Export - exporting 320kbps MP3s as 160kbps
  • #2178 Undo on sprites
  • #2176 Reset letterspacing on text import
  • Nullpointer on recent searches loader
  • #2177 Leftover process when invalid SWF opened - now main window is shown
  • Opening files with "Open with FFDec" on windows did not use same instance
  • #2183 AS1/2 Direct editation - case sensitive identifiers since SWF version 7
  • #2203 GFX - DefineSubImage with TGA bitmapFormat
  • #2207 AS - Index -2 out of bounds for some of the switches
  • #2190 AS1/2 - inside switch before break
  • Raw edit of fonts - shape table was not visible
  • #2211 PDF export, Font export - glyphs with no contours (advance only)
  • #2212 GFX - Allow loading (DDS) images despite of set bitmapFormat
  • #2202 AS2 detection of uninitialized class fields colliding with setters/getters
  • #2202 AS2 return in constructor does not take a value


  • #2185 MochiCrypt no longer offered for auto decrypt, user needs to choose variant from "Use unpacker" menu
  • #2206 FB values in MATRIX (scale/rotate) as floats instead of int, -f suffixed parameters in text editor

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