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v2.1.0 — bugfixes, doc improvements, portability

20 months ago

Special thanks to @phreaker0 for unceasing work not only on the code itself, but the very real work of maintaining the CHANGELIST and getting releases ready to go. You rock, Christoph!

2.1.0 [overall] documentation updates, small fixes (@HavardLine, @croadfeldt, @jimsalterjrs, @jim-perkins, @kr4z33, @phreaker0)
[syncoid] do not require user to be specified for syncoid (@aerusso)
[syncoid] implemented option for keeping sync snaps (@phreaker0)
[syncoid] use sudo if neccessary for checking pool capabilities regarding resumeable send (@phreaker0)
[syncoid] catch another case were the resume state isn't availabe anymore (@phreaker0)
[syncoid] check for an invalid argument combination (@phreaker0)
[syncoid] fix iszfsbusy check for similar dataset names (@phreaker0)
[syncoid] append timezone offset to the syncoid snapshot name to fix DST collisions (@phreaker0)
[packaging] post install script for debian package to remove old unused snapshot cache file (@phreaker0)
[syncoid] implemented fallback for listing snapshots on solaris (@phreaker0)
[sanoid] remove invalid locks (@phreaker0)
[packaging] removed debian dependency for systemd (@phreaker0)
[sanoid] move sanoid cache and lock files to subdirectories (@lopsided98)
[sanoid] remove 's in monitoring messages (@dlangille)
[findoid] reworked argument parsing and error out if file path is not provided (@phreaker0)
[findoid] also show current file version if available (@phreaker0)
[findoid] handle FileNotFound errors properly (@phreaker0)
[findoid] don't use hardcoded paths (@phreaker0)
[findoid] improve dataset detection by only including mounted datasets (@phreaker0)
[sanoid] pass more information to pre/post/prune scripts and execute them only once per dataset (@tiedotguy, @phreaker0)
[syncoid] implemented option for preserving recordsizes on initial replications (@phreaker0)
[syncoid] fixed send size estimation for latest FreeBSD versions (@phreaker0)
[syncoid] add ability to configure pv (@gdevenyi)
[sanoid] don't use hardcoded paths (@phreaker0)
[syncoid] gracefully handle error when source dataset disappeared (@mschout)

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