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15 months ago

What's Changed

  • Update and use by @surmabck in #756
  • Add seedJobAgentImage into CRD by @bhubert in #754
  • Fix broken link for configuring seed jobs by @ck1125 in #780
  • adding seedjobagentimage to jenkins chart by @twildber in #771
  • Increase the memory limits for the kubernetes operator by @jelmer in #774
  • update image tag for virtuslab/jenkins-operator-backup-pvc by @peterbecich in #781
  • fix(operator): Attempt to fix all the major issues present atm against the newest jenkins lts version by @brokenpip3 in #784
  • chore(operator): update operator version in master by @brokenpip3 in #791
  • Remove overwrite by @NotMyFault in #785
  • feat(registry): change the default registry from dockerhub to by @brokenpip3 in #799
  • chore(update): use latest jenkins lts: 2.375.3 by @brokenpip3 in #796
  • feat(backup): add backup img ci for e2e tests, docker build and push by @brokenpip3 in #795
  • fix( start using and fix backup push by @brokenpip3 in #805
  • chore: Prepare the project for handover by @prryb in #800
  • Add tolerations for jenkis pod by @tombokombo in #807
  • Fix operator plugin check by @brokenpip3 in #806
  • chore(doc): Add the new chat references by @brokenpip3 in #809
  • chore: update to 2.387.2-lts and base plugins by @brokenpip3 in #811

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.7.1...v0.8.0-beta

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