github jenkinsci/kubernetes-operator v0.6.0

latest releases: v0.8.1, v0.8.0, v0.8.0-beta2...
3 years ago

Warning: This release isn't compatible with OpenShift and JenkinsImage crd was removed.


  • #554 Remove Deprecated JVM opts (#569)
  • #560 Fixed envFrom not propagating to master pod (#564)
  • #552 Seed Jobs: Don't Validate "external" Credential Type (#556)
  • Migrate Helm Chart to OSDK v1.3.0 (#551)
  • Skip kube-api-access Volume Comparison (#550)
  • Use ssh.ParseRawPrivateKey to validate ssh private key (#546)
  • Add extra logs for Jenkins CR create/delete events (#536)
  • #507 Allow listing events (#514)
  • Upgrade operator-sdk to 1.3.0

Migrating from 0.5.0

Upgrading Operator-SDK caused some changes in Custom Resource Definitions. Because of that, upgrading to 0.6.0 requires removing the old CRDs and resources, then reapplying according to the guide: For changes in Jenkins CR see the sample manifest here:

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