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🐛 Major bug fixes

🚀 New features and improvements

  • INFRA-2751 - Remove TFS plugin from setup wizard (#5016) @daniel-beck
  • Add missing French localization for the login page, setup wizard and the main page (#4995, #4996, #4997) @SoleneGK
  • JENKINS-49523 - Clarify the list separator in file excludes fields @egor1989
  • Optimize memory allocations in TcpAgentListener, LogRotator and RunList (#5011, #5012) @gulyaev13

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Do not use null value for aria-hidden HTML attributes (#4919) @directhex
  • Prevent resource leak in FileFingerprintStorage (#4992) @95jonpet
  • Reduce the prototype.js usage (#4987) @Wadeck

All contributors: @95jonpet, @SoleneGK, @StefanSpieker, @Wadeck, @daniel-beck, @directhex, @egor1989, @gulyaev13, @jenkins-release-bot, @jtnord, @oguzhancevik, @olamy, @oleg-nenashev, @res0nance and @timja

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