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🚀 New features and improvements

  • JENKINS-41805 - Cleanup workspace suffixes (#4824) @timja
  • Update Italian localization (#4810) @AlessandroMenti

👷‍♂️ Changes for plugin developers

  • JENKINS-62889 - ParameterDefinition check for validity (#4826) @jeffret-b
  • JENKINS-62572 - Extend Downloadable API slightly (#4773) @Zastai

👻 Maintenance

  • JENKINS-56109 - JavaScript refactoring in preparation for form layout modernization (#4824) @timja

All contributors: @AlessandroMenti, @Zastai, @jeffret-b, @jenkins-release-bot and @timja

latest releases: jenkins-2.275, jenkins-2.263.2, jenkins-2.274...
6 months ago