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v0.0.21 🌈

What’s Changed

πŸš€ Features

  • Add a command to generate the whole documents for jcli (#174) @LinuxSuRen
  • Add support to input pipeline job (#164) @LinuxSuRen
  • Add support to download artifacts (#185) @LinuxSuRen

πŸ› Bug Fixes

  • Add permission information for request (#187) @yJunS
  • Fix issue where version was not printed even though -v flag was passed (#186) @zirmax

πŸ“ Documentation updates

  • Add language links into readmefile (#194) @LinuxSuRen

πŸ‘» Maintenance

  • Remove the unnecessary code lines (#178) @LinuxSuRen
  • Add test cases for job client (#190) @LinuxSuRen
  • Add git ignore files for idea (#199) @LinuxSuRen
  • Add jcli completion description (#188) @LinuxSuRen
  • Bind build status with quality gate result (#184) @LinuxSuRen
  • Add test cases for jenkins user client (#180) @LinuxSuRen
  • Add git backup actions (#173) @LinuxSuRen
  • Add two badges which are all releases and code size (#168) @LinuxSuRen
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