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v0.0.18 🌈

What’s Changed

πŸš€ Features

  • Add suppor to build a job with params in batch mode (#95) @LinuxSuRen
  • Add suppor to stop a job (#89) @LinuxSuRen
  • Add support to upload plugins from local or remote (#79) @LinuxSuRen

πŸ› Bug Fixes

  • Fix the readme about jcli config geneate (#76) @LinuxSuRen
  • Fix curmb cannot use proxy correctly (#90) @LinuxSuRen

πŸ“ Documentation updates

  • Add gofish as a new package manager (#85) @LinuxSuRen
  • Add go report card (#80) @LinuxSuRen

πŸ‘» Maintenance

  • Generate sha256 text file (#96) @LinuxSuRen
  • Change org from linuxsuren to jenkins-zh (#84) @LinuxSuRen
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