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v2.4.2 - Thumbnail Seek & Dolby Vision fix

latest releases: v2.6.0, v2.5.0
7 months ago

This release adds a new feature which stretches the capabilities of MPV. It allows you to see thumbnail previews as you hover your mouse over the seek bar! This is great for people who like the MPV interface but miss this feature from the web client or Jellyfin Media Player. The update also forces Dolby Vision files to get transcoded by Jellyfin by default. You can disable this and use gpu-next support if you prefer.


Thumbnail seeking uses a custom version of the osc for MPV. While unlikely, if this causes issues for your configuration you can replace it with either your own version (you would have to apply my patches which are clearly marked) or disable the feature. MPV does require me to store all the images uncompressed as a temporary file so it can be displayed. If you are using an image width of 320 with Jellyscrub enabled, a 24 minute TV episode uses 40 MB and a 4 hour movie uses about 250 MB.


  • Add preview images on seek bar.
    • The default image source is chapter images generated by the Jellyfin Server.
    • You can enable optional Jellyscrub support.
  • Handle removal of already configured shader profiles gracefully.
  • Force transcode Dolby Vision and optionally HDR video (configurable)
  • Clean up and add fallback title for discord presence. (#310)

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