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v2.3.1 Maintenance Update

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7 months ago

This version is primarily for updating dependency versions for MPV and improving connection stability.


  • Update python-mpv-jsonipc to v1.1.14 to handle socket close failure on Windows.
  • Update jellyfin-apiclient-python to v1.9.2 to avoid issues with HTTP connections failing.
  • Attempt initial server connection up to three times to prevent random "client not connected" errors.
  • Re-check if client is actually connected every 5 minutes. (Configurable.)
  • Update to MPV version 20230205 e439ddc (Windows).
  • Update to MPV version v0.35.1 (Flatpak).
  • Add experimental skip intro support.
    • This must be enabled manually and requires an unofficial plugin.
    • This may be dropped or replaced by official functionality at any time, please don't ask other client maintainers to add support.

About Windows Downloads:

  • You do not need administrator rights to install the software.
  • You can avoid warnings on files by unblocking the file in the properties dialog.
  • You can manually build a release using these instructions.

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