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1.9.0 - SyncPlay for Jellyfin 10.7.0

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2 years ago

I am proud to announce that Jellyfin Desktop (MPV Shim) is now an official Jellyfin project! This release implements the new SyncPlay for 10.7.0 for TV shows! Note that it is relatively new and will likely have issues. I released this version as it is working better than nothing and many people using it will help find issues.

In the desktop (webview) mode, you can join a SyncPlay session using the web client but you must create sessions using the menu within MPV (by pressing c). If you are using shim mode, you must always use the c menu, although you can trigger playback using the web client it doesn't currently join the group properly.


  • #168 Implement SyncPlay support for 10.7.0. (Drops 10.6.4.)
  • #170 Fix sending zero position on finished_callback.
  • #175 Fix delay when stopping player.
  • Disable server discovery that is not used.
  • Upgrade the web client to 10.7.0. (May cause issues for older servers.)
  • Update translations.

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