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1.8.1 - Maintenance Release

latest releases: v2.6.0, v2.5.0, v2.4.2...
2 years ago

UPDATE 2020-12-13: The release for Windows was packaged incorrectly and does not show a systray icon in Shim mode. Download the release again to fix the problem.

This is a maintenance update and the last one to support SyncPlay on 10.6.x. Changes:

  • Add keyboard shortcut (k) for killing shaders.
  • Add track language filter.
  • Validate config data and show errors when parsing fails.
  • Stop SyncPlay hanging between episodes.
  • Fix player flash between episodes after opening menu.
  • Add an exact seek config option.
  • Do not sync playback while showing the menu.
  • Add config option for screenshot directory.
  • Fix disable certificate validation option.
  • Prepare for project move/rename to jellyfin/jellyfin-desktop.
  • Improved localization.

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