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1.8.0 - User Feedback Release

latest releases: v2.6.0, v2.5.0, v2.4.2...
3 years ago

This update integrates many improvements, many directly from survey feedback.

  • First localized MPV Shim release! (#68)
  • Add mouse support in the menu.
    • This requires lua support. It can be disabled via config if it breaks something for you.
  • Add Discord Rich Presence support. (#100)
    • This must be enabled via the menu or config due to obvious privacy implications.
  • Warn on first bandwidth-related transcode each session. (Can be disabled.)
  • Allow completely disabling bandwith transcoding from menu.
  • Prevent playback through the webview when the MPV connection is broken.
    • Instead there is now a clear error message.
  • Add NNEDI3 to default-shader-pack.
  • Add option to disable SSL cert checking. (Not Encouraged!)
  • Add option to use default MPV config with external mpv.
  • Add option to disable MPV media key integration.
  • Add option to wait for network at startup.
  • Remember size of desktop client only by default, not position.
    • This was due to a surprising number of users having the desktop client open off screen.
    • This can be enabled again in the config.
  • Remember window full-screen state between episodes.
  • Remove unused server discovery calls. (#102)
  • Fix 32 bit legacy windows builds. (#105)
  • Build Windows builds with recompiled pyinstaller bootloader.
    • This hopefully helps (at least a little) with false positives, which a few people said they had.

About Windows Downloads:

  • The desktop installer (not LEGACY32) is the recommended download and also includes the shim mode.
    • You do not need administrator rights to install the software.
  • You can avoid warnings on files by unblocking the file in the properties dialog.
  • You can manually build a release using these instructions.

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