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1.7.1 - Maintenance Release

latest releases: v2.6.0, v2.5.0, v2.4.2...
3 years ago

This release adds update notifications and fixes various issues. Changes:

  • Increase the timeout for logins. (#99)
    • If you were frequently getting "MPV Shim Login Failed", this should fix that.
  • Add update check using GitHub. (#50)
    • Update checks happen when casting media by checking where the GitHub releases page redirects to.
    • If there is an update, you will only be notified once, until the application is restarted.
    • You can disable this feature using the menu or the config file.
  • Prepare application for translation. (#68)
  • Clarify the "Always Transcode" option. (#72)
  • Add option to scale web client. (#90)
  • Shim mode now fixed in Flatpak. (#89)
  • Migrate from deprecated idle event to observer.
  • Remove unused SyncPlay config options.

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