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1.7.0 - SyncPlay Support

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3 years ago

This release introduces SyncPlay support! It has been tested and is known to work on Windows and Linux. There are two ways to access SyncPlay functionality:

  • Option 1: From the integrated Menu (press c or use the navigation controls on the mobile app).
    • As always, you can navigate this menu using the arrow keys, enter to accept, and esc to go back.
  • Option 2: You can also join existing SyncPlay sessions from the menu through the desktop app.

Joining syncplay sessions from other casting applications will start the media playing, but you still need to go into the menu to activate SyncPlay. You also need to use the menu to disable SyncPlay or create a new group. SyncPlay support is highly configurable. If you have problems, you may be able to adjust the algorithm using the config file to better suit your situation.

There were a ton of changes within the project to facilitate this, and it is very possible I could have broken something. Please report any bugs.

Speaking of reporting bugs, this release now introduces the ability to log errors to disk. To enable it, edit the config file and set write_logs to true. You can also enable this through the settings menu. Please note you must restart the program for this to take effect. Log files also have API keys removed from them by default now. The release also contains a multi-server fix and webclient update.

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