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1.6.0 - Shader Packs & SVP Integration

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3 years ago

This release introduces two major features for those who like video enhancement!

Shader Packs


MPV is known for having some of the most effective upscaler plugins, but these are difficult to install and switch between. The shader pack system allows creation of a profile of shaders and MPV configurations, which can be easily switched between. The menu system even allows you to reconfigure these settings while video is playing, without having to get off the couch!

The shader presets include FSRCNNX and Anime4K, which are two of the most effective video upscalers. You can read more about the profiles and contribute changes over at the repository for the presets.

If you would like to customize or add your own presets, you can do so by enabling the shader_pack_custom option, which will copy the shader pack to your config folder and inhibit it from updating when you update MPV Shim.

SVP Integration


You can now change between SVP profiles from the built-in menu. No need to exit the media player and use a keyboard/mouse to change your motion interpolation settings. Unlike shader packs though, this requires configuration. Please see the README for details. This feature has been verified to work on Windows and Linux.

Other Fixes:

  • Don't crash with unset subtitle language. (#93)
  • Make the settings button in the mobile app open settings.
  • Upgrade web client. (Fixes issues with subtitles and stuck dialogs.)

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