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Videomass 5.0.11

26 days ago


  • This release fixes an issue of the previous version v5.0.10 (see #288)

What's New in This Release

  • Added a queue management available for both Presets Manager and A/V Conversions.
  • Ability to enter additional pre-input arguments for hardware acceleration using the Presets Manager.
  • Improved GUI for H.264/H.265 video encoders.
  • Improved GUI for VP9 video encoder.
  • Added new GUI for SVT-AV1 video encoder.
  • Added new UI for AOM-AV1 video encoder.
  • Added GUI for XVID MPEG-4 part 2 (xvidcore) video encoder.
  • Added One-passes Loudnorm (EBU R128) audio normalization.
  • Improved High-quality two-pass Loudnorm normalization (EBU R128). No more limitations by enabling or not two-pass encoding or using the stabilizer filter.
  • The "Stabilize" video filter can also now be applied to both single-pass and double-pass encoding.
  • "Make Duo" feature on "Stabilize" video filter is now only available for preview, not for producing the final video.
  • Removed Vp8 (libvpx) video encoder from A/V Conversions.
  • Removed libtheora video encoder from A/V Conversions.
  • Fixed various bugs.
  • Update presets to v0.23.

As usual, for a detailed list of changes see the source CHANGELOG

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Installation on MacOS

Installation on MS Windows

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