github jbruchon/jdupes v1.9

  • stderr on Windows is no longer polluted or empty when redirected
  • Added -1/--one-file-system to restrict recursion to the same filesystem
  • Added a universal exclusion stack which is currently only used for -X
  • Added -X/--exclude to use exclusion stack; supersedes -x/--xsize
  • More robust BTRFS enablement behavior in Makefile
  • Fixed Unicode display for hard linking on Windows
  • Efficiency improvements to internal memory allocator (string_malloc)
  • Documentation improvements and updates
  • Provide "" which emulates old "fdupes -1" feature
  • Single file names passed as arguments are now accepted and processed
latest releases: v1.20.1, v1.20.0, v1.19.2...
3 years ago