github jbruchon/jdupes v1.10

-I option doesn't work; Use v1.10.1 instead

  • cacheinfo code not included on Windows where it is not used
  • Fix -H to work properly on individual files (not just directories)
  • Fix memory corruption which causes a crash when using -A option
  • Block btrfs dedupe on Linux kernels < 3.0 due to possible data loss bugs
  • Removed all references to 'fdupes-jody' and unused TODO file
  • Add -C/--chunksize option for tuning I/O chunk size (see README)
  • Make more features configurable and exclude them in LOW_MEMORY mode
  • Remove HAVE_BTRFS_IOCTL_H deprecated compile-time option
  • Remove experimental tree rebalance code
latest releases: v1.20.0, v1.19.2, v1.19.1...
3 years ago